Saturday, 7 April 2012

Daisy cupcakes

I was inspired to make these daisy cupcakes when we were out walking last weekend. We passed a field full of these pretty little flowers which was surprising as they don't normally bloom properly until the warmer summer months. The combination of that yellow disc and those white rays makes for a cheery sight and, even though it's spring and the weather can still be dull and grey, they remind me of sunshine and warmth.

The recipe for these cupcakes, and the buttercream, is exactly the same as for the bubblegum cakes, the only difference being you need yellow food colouring instead of red!

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  1. Hi Kate, I love this recipe, they look so cheerful! I would like to get permission to use your first image of daisies & sky on a webpage I'm making; did you take the photo or know who did, and may I get your permission? Thanks! -Sheila